Self Esteem Speakers:
Each day our students are forced to make life choices.  Our biggest fear as teachers, parents and neighbors is that they make the right choice.
We can help guide your students to making the right choice with our speakers platform:

Adding Magic To Your Life: 

This talk has its focus on accepting others for who they are not who we wish they could be.  We need to know how communications work between two people and between thousands.  A key in life is seeing things clearly for what they really are not what we imagine they should be.  This talk teaches students to accept that mistakes will happen and to learn how to forgive those who offend us.  Stressing peaceful resolutions and respect for others, every one will go away with a positive frame of mind.

Magic of Manners=No Bullies

Takes a real  look at the way we treat each other.  Students are asked to think about why we should want respect from others and how we achieve it. With a focus on choosing good friends and the building blocks of character.  Students will see how to live a life that is in flow with our environment not against it.

Although the points in these talks are topics most children do not want to hear about the actions of the speaker and the Touch of Magic and audience involvement makes them one of our most requested repeat shows.  Students and Teachers are amazed when they learn how they can add a little bit of REAL MAGIC to their life.

When you need something for PTA or Family Fun Night.

These programs are great for students but can also make a wonderful parent  or family night presentation piece.  All of us need to review the way we are treated by others and how we treat those in our life circle.  These speeches blend a little magic with them to make the points interesting and visual.  This talks use anagrams to deliver a magical formula of success that people of all ages can use in their life right away.  Worksheets provided with both talks.
M  mistakes
A   attitude
G   grateful
I     integrity
C   communication

M  manners
A  actions
G  good friends
I    I can
C  confidence