Let Zap Headquarters bring the MAGIC of SCIENCE to your door.
                                            We feature great shows with a science theme.                        
We have the following shows for your next Science Day:

1)Magic Planet is a theme based show all about our environment and how it is up to each of us to help SAVE OUR PLANET.  Students will learn ways they can help reduce waste and make wise buying choices.  This program has it's focus on the new fourth "r" in recycling.  "RETHINKING"

2) Science of Bubbles is a chemistry show dealing with all of the science behind soap bubbles.  Watch in amazement as you see bubbles that  walk tightropes, dissolve and reappear and even turn square.  You won't believe your eyes when you see a student inside of a bubble!!!

3) Science of Magic explores how our mind is fooled by the way it perceives things.  Making you wonder all about the difference between illusion and reality.  Your students will see how all of the senses they rely on can be fooled by adding a touch of magic and fun to the world they share.

4) Science of Music lets your students see the link between music and science.  Learn how speakers work, how cd's and tapes are recorded and how music is a part of many different types of science. The next time your students hear a song or pick up an instrument they will know they are working with SCIENCE IN ACTION.

5) Science of Toys explains to students that we can find some type of science in everything we do. From tossing a ball to sitting down at our Play Station 2 we are always in the presence of science in action. 

Our science shows are great for all ages and use audience involvement and visual fun to teach basic principals of science.  Your students will learn about chemistry, biology, physics and more.