Featuring full assembly shows and classroom workshops available for all ages.  Each show is age specific and your students will experience the FUN of Math Magic.  Currently we are offering the following:

Magical Math 095:  A magic show for pre-k to 3rd grade.  This show takes your students on a trip to the FUN SIDE of numbers. Blending magic with math to create a great show while teaching that math isn't just for the classroom anymore.

Magical Math 101: Magic Math for grades 4-8th instructs as well as entertains.  In this program, students see the way that Math is applied in our daily life.  They will learn how to multiply numbers in their heads faster than any calculator.  How to predict the future before it happens using Magical Math.  A worksheet is supplied with this program detailing a variety of Math Magic Trickery that is fun to do while helping your students see Math in a fun and different way.

Magical Math 102: Magic for grades 6-9th that teaches all about the financial side of Math.  Students will learn the difference between saving a dollar in a piggy bank saving a dollar in the bank and investing a dollar in the markets.  Learn the basics of the stock and bond market as well as how money grows when saved properly.  Great way to get students focused on SAVING money and learning about banking basics.

Math Magical Memory: Do you have trouble remembering names, places and dates. then Zap's Magical Memory course is what you need.  Your students will learn how to instantly recall from 10-20 different items.  This show blows children and adults away.  They can not believe the performer can memorize so many different things so quickly.  The fun starts when they learn the secret of instant recall.  By the end of the class all the students will be able to instantly recall names, dates and places to mind.  Great for grades 5-12th.

Math In MusicDo you know that music has its fundamentals based in math?  Well in this show your students will learn how rhythms, beats and measures are all a part of the World of Math.  This is a great show for all ages and has a focus on math that we seldom see or think about.  The next time your students hear music they will know it is the Sounds of Math in the Real World.

These shows can be an assembly program or presented as a series of workshops for a more intimate setting.  Teachers are provided with worksheets so they can review what is shared during the lecture.
                 STUDENTS WILL NEVER LOOK AT MATH THE                                                            SAME WAY AGAIN !!!!!